Becoming A Certified Personal Trainer

The process of becoming a certified personal trainer

You’ve flaunted your sexy abs, veiny biceps and mighty chest for too long. Everyone knows how strong and fit you are. But enough is enough! Now it’s time to turn your passion for fitness into a promising career. Life as a personal trainer is fulfilling. The perks are rewarding. And people want to be fit like you when they grow up. But before you begin your personal training journey, you have to be certified. Here’s the route to success thanks to Gym To You, Adelaide’s leading personal training company:

Choose a certification

A number of accredited programs and organisations offer certifications to personal trainers. It’s important that you select the right certification. Go with one of the following certifying bodies: Fitness Australia, Australian Fitness Network, Australian Institute of Fitness or Australian College of Sport and Fitness. All of these associations are reputable. Make sure the gym you want to work for accepts the certification you’re pursuing.

Choose a speciality

Do you prefer working one-on-one or in a crowd? In a gym, you can work either with a single client or a group of individuals. The difference between a group fitness instructor and a personal trainer is pretty clear. While both are great career choices, you have to select one. Your choice boils down to personal preference. If you’re avid, you can do both! However, you have to be certified in one first, before pursuing the other. Note that costs are involved. Make sure you choose a speciality that best suits your career and goals.


Certification programs are costly like the one offered through Drench Fitness. Prices vary depending on the bundle you buy. The cost increases when you include flash cards, textbooks and practice tests in your study package. Though these packages are expensive, they’re worth the investment. If you’re tight on money, look for sponsorship or study while working.


Exams are around the corner. So prepare up front. Set out a study plan and follow it. Read at least every day. When the test date comes, you’ll be prepared and relaxed. Some certifying bodies have online portals with educational materials. Take advantage of that. Also, consult other personal trainers who have recently done the exams. Their input can sharpen your knowledge.

Find a gym

Look at local job listings or call gyms in your area. If you’re a gym member, let the bosses know that you’re willing to work as a personal trainer. Gyms give you the chance to polish your skills, train different clients, and learn from other expert trainers. However, working in a gym is not all rosy. Your earnings are slashed, and you have to work extra hours to earn more money. Anyway, use the opportunity to market, network, and build your client base.


Before training clients, you must acquire a reputable insurance. This covers you against possible claims and protects you from liability. Gyms provide this, but if you’re an independent trainer, you need to buy it. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Certifying bodies often offer insurance. If the prices are too high, keep shopping around.

Finally, practice what you preach. And always stay active, whether it’s on social media or on site.